November 15 2018 - 9:00am

Woolworths Christmas Bakery range

Woolworths Christmas Bakery range

Christmas is approaching foodies, dust off your Christmas pudding and start prepping those cookies.

Woolworths has released a Christmas bakery range with crafty treats and gold range favourites including puddings, cakes, fruit mince pies, pavlovas and giant gingerbread man.

A spokesperson from Woolworths reveals “nothing says Aussie Christmas like summertime and pineapples and we are excited to introduce a new pineapple pudding to the Christmas range this year. Our customers like to buy one or two now and have them stocked away in the pantry to help spread out their Christmas costs and some simply like to taste test them to ensure it is spot on in preparation for their Christmas celebrations.”

This year, there’s a new addition dessert, Gold Pineapple Rum Pudding that promises tropical aromas filled with spiced rum, refreshing pineapple with cherry sauce and toasted coconut flakes. Alongside it, the gold theme continues with the classic Gold Spiced Gingerbread Pudding with ginger, cinnamon and gold lustre salted butterscotch sauce, decorated with gold stars.

See what you can snag off the shelves and pop into your trolley today:

New Additions:

  • Gold Spiced Gingerbread Pudding 500g
  • Gold Pineapple & Rum Pudding 500g
  • Gold Chocolate Caramel Cake 1.3kg
  • Gold Chocolate Cherry Cake
  • Woolworths Sticky Toffee Pudding 110g
  • Gold All Butter Brandy Infused Fruit Mince Pies
  • Woolworths Giant Gingerbread Iced Cookie 250g
  • Woolworths Free from Gluten Chocolate Sponge Pudding 110g
  • Woolworths Petite Pavlovas
  • Woolworths Iced Fruit Cake Bites
  • Christmas Tree Vol Au Vents

This image belongs to Woolworths: Gold Spiced Gingerbread Pudding with ginger and cinnamon, gold lustre salted butterscotch sauce and gold stars

This image belongs to Woolworths: Gold Pineapple & Rum Pudding; spiced rum and pineapple pudding with gold lustre, cherry sauce and coconut flakes

This image belongs to Woolworths: Gold Caramel Cake; chocolate cake, edible belgian white chocolate baubles and scrolls sprinkled with gold dusting 

This image belongs to Woolworths: Giant Gingerbread Iced Cookie; traditional gingerbread cookie

Returning Favourites:

  • Gold Plum & Port Pudding 800g
  • Gold Jewelled Blonde Cherry Pudding 800g
  • Woolworths Fruit Mince Pies
  • Woolworths Iced Fruit Cake
  • Woolworths Pavlova Base 1kg and 500g

This image belongs to Woolworths: Gold Plum & Port Pudding; gold lustre, juicy sultanas, currants, cider, hidden plum and port centre

This image belongs to Woolworths: Gold Jewelled Blonde Cherry Pudding; hint with cider, sherry and rum, topped with brandy soaked blonde cherries, almonds, golden syrup and light dusting gold lustre.

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