November 14 2018 - 12:00pm

Black Brewing Co’s new farmhouse ales

Black Brewing Co’s new farmhouse ales

Black Brewing Co has released a range of limited edition farmhouse ales.

With a new ale, Albino IPA and Black Brewing Co welcome back their house favourite, the Framboise.

The Albino IPA is their first farmhouse beer-wine co-fermentation. Passionfruit IPA is fermented in Southern Chardonnay barrels for 8 months with their own yeast strains then the cooled passionfruit IPA wort is fermented and added to Albino Pinot Rose from local wine markers L.A.S Vino. This lovechild brew is layered with strawberry aromas, candied pineapple and dried orchard fruits.

Image belongs to Black Brewing Co: Albino IPA

Black Brewing co brings back this funky farmhouse brew: the Framboise. It’s made with raspberries from Torbay Farms near Albany, wheat and pale malt and of course their own yeast strains. The palate has raspberry aromas, tart finish with peach pink hues.

Image belongs to Black Brewing Co: Framboise

Their beers will be distributed in 750 ml bottles and are available on site at their newly renamed venue, Cave Road Collective and limited stockists. Try it quickly, as Albino IPA is already on their second release. Liked that? See our feature on Cave Road Collective.

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