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Boarding schools are something for everyone – and just the thing for your child.

Despite years of experience, I am surprised – yes, enthusiastic! – the variety of boarding schools for us again and again. What do they teach in boarding schools?


They offer a holistic approach to parenting.

Of course, academic training has priority. At the same time, a lot of value is placed on holistic upbringing and training, which in addition to the pure imparting of knowledge, also includes sport, art, and social engagement. Team sports are a must. If you want, you can also take part in music or theater groups. Social responsibility is significant and, for example, put into practice in older adults’ homes or other social institutions. Finally, the community’s immediate sense also teaches the students what mutual respect, empathy, and solidarity mean.


You recognize and promote the potential of each individual.

The excellently trained teachers at English boarding schools recognize and promote the individual potential of children. Be it in the classroom, on the sports field, or stage: the students continuously discover and develop their talents and skills.


You create an inspiring and efficient learning environment.

School can be fun! The classes are small. Often no more than eight students are taught, so of course, they enjoy maximum attention. The teachers are committed, helpful, and convinced of their cause.


They provide structure and discipline.

Boarding schools offer exactly the structured discipline that many young people need today to be successful. Everyday school life is well thought out and carefully divided. In the supervised exercise lessons, the children learn to work independently.

You also capitalize on free time.

Boredom? No chance! Boarding schools are famous for their fantastic range of extracurricular activities for a reason. The distances are short: no annoying commuting, and it’s just a stone’s throw from the tennis court to the theater stage. State-of-the-art facilities, trained trainers, and coaches are a matter of course, in these schools. Sport comes first here, of course. Tennis, soccer, or hockey are played at the highest level. If you like something a little more unusual, you can try fencing, Far Eastern sports, or even clay pigeon shooting. And if you want to learn in your free time, you can of course also do that: For example, programming and beekeeping.


You take care of individual talents and interests.

All good British boarding schools offer a solid foundation of excellent academic training, extensive mentoring, and extracurricular activities. Besides, many boarding schools have specialized in specific directions, e.g., year-round, outstanding sports offer, or the most modern musical education. Such allows students with unique talents to live out their passion without learning in the classroom suffering.


They provide a safe environment

In boarding schools, children and young people are immune to many temptations and negative influences. Teachers and house parents offer the students a safe home and are always on hand with advice and assistance and help whenever needed. Dedicated tutors take care of the academic performance and offer decision-making aids in essential questions.



They turn children into confident adults

In boarding schools, children find out who they are, what skills they have, their strengths, and what else they can achieve. Daily successes, big and small, in the classroom or elsewhere achieve excellent results. In no time, children will become self-confident, independent young adults who will benefit from this experience for a lifetime.