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If you are in search of the best pasta Adelaide, then you are in for a treat from some of the best Italian restaurants in Adelaide. The wide assortment of wonderful and tasty pasta dishes will be sure to please your taste buds.


Luigi Delicatessen


Luigi Delicatessen demonstrates real perfection in the pasta dishes that are presented with tender noodles, amazing sauces and many delectable ingredients. This place is always busy, because people savor the wonderful pasta here that is better than many other places. The noodles seem to have an extraordinary creaminess that is not usual for most other types of noodles from many other restaurants. That is why the pasta here provides a tasty and rich experience every time. When you want lasagna, this is the place to go. The noodles are made on site, so there is nothing from a package used here in those lasagna noodles, there is lots of cheese and the size of thick meats that are used in this dish make it amazingly hearty when you have a big appetite for something in a rich tomato sauce that is classically Italian in flavor.


Osteria Oggi


When you are looking for dishes that are exceptional, then you can enjoy the food here at Osteria Oggi every time. You will never be disappointed. When you taste the complexity and beauty of the flavors that are masterfully infused into the dishes, your dining experience here is undeniably unforgettable. The place has a groovy and comfortable vibe to make your time relaxed. The service is friendly and respectful. The entrees are always presented with meticulous artistry that adds to the appeal of the food. If you want pasta for breakfast, then you will enjoy some pasta salad with a wonderful sweet onion sauce, shrimp and crab, topped with tender noodles mixed with loads of flavorful sage and cilantro. This is a refreshing dish to get your day started.


The Messy Tomato

You will enjoy the lovely flavors that find themselves on your plate. The pasta is tender. The carbonaro dish is particularly divine. The food is always perfectly hot, so that the noodles in their flavorful sauces are always enjoyable. The staff do their best to make patrons feel comfortable. The food is served quickly. Overall, the experience is truly pleasurable.The salads and various breads that are served with the different types of pasta dishes complement the dishes rather well. If you are in the mood for homemade ravioli, this place is the one to visit, as the raviolis are filled with robust portions. Yet, they are yet delicate and full of tantalizing flavors.