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Restaurant review: Little Creatures in Fremantle

Written by 11th January, 2009

I have always loved this place, and am honoured to review this lovely brewery that I have come to love, both for its ambience (and music), and food.

I know some others share a different view from me with regards to the food - but I still stand by my opinions! :)

Walking into the brewery, the large amount of space and light seeping through is a wonderful welcoming feeling. With a big bar near the entrance, people who would just like to have a drink without having to sit down and eat, can just order their booze from there, and chill out around that area. The area is set out with a couple of very long tables (as shown in this picture) with a capacity of about 16 people. Then the other parts of the area are filled with tables of four, booths for about six, and some alfresco dining seating.

Menus are handed out in little note cards, with a font that reminds you of the old-fashioned type writer. There isn’t alot of food on the menu but the choices are enough for a good meal.

The menus are also replicated on chalkboards that are on the side of the booths (just in case you’d like to order again!).

This was our order:

Nachos, Zuchinni, Capsicum, Beans and Guacamole
Prawn, Coriander Pesto, Shitake Mushroom Woodfired Pizza
Mushroom, Mozarella and Olive Woodfired Pizza
Prosciutto Wrapped Tiger Prawns with Seeded Mayo

With this being a brewery, how can we not order some of its house-brewed beer?

The nachos is a rather famous dish of this place, with 75% of the people whom I’ve seen over the numerous visits I have made to this place ordering this. With a generous serving of the toppings (as mentioned above), including some nice spicy jalepenos, this is a must-order-to-share if you are going in a group! The guacamole is something that is something we don’t see too often over here (me at least), and it is such a perfect complement to the sour cream that’s placed on top of the nachos. Some bits were a tad burnt, but it was still edible.

The frites and its aioli is another famous dish that’s ordered by many who patronise this place. Unless the usual chips we’d get in a fish & chips shop, the potato skin can still be seen in the finished product of this dish. With a good amount of salt sprinkled over it, it makes a perfect start to the meal.

The pizzas are of a decent size - suitable for one, but great to share too (which means you’re able to order different types!!). They’ve all got a rather flat and tasty dough forming the base. So to those who like their thin pizzas, this is for you!

The mushroom, mozarella and olive pizza is for anyone who loves the first and last ingredient. The good thing about this was the fact that they didn’t overpower the pizza taste by putting too much olives, but! They could have been more generous with the mushrooms. Overall tasty!

The prawns, coriander pesto and shitake mushroom pizza is something rather unique since this pizza has no cheese on it. It is an acquired taste tho’ - largely due to the coriando pesto having a rather strong influence to the overall taste of this pizza. I have to say it goes really well with the prawns tho’!

The prosciutto wrapped tiger prawns were generously covered with the seeded mayo, which I have to say was delightful! Using mustard seeds to create the mayo, the tiger prawns had a salty, slightly spicy and tangy (with the lemon squeezed) taste to it, leaving you asking for more! A good size serving would be about 2-3 per person. The seeded mayo can be a tad heavy for some and should be considered when ordering this dish.

The service here is one of the better ones around in Perth, with the waiters/waitresses very friendly and obliging with requests. The other thing that makes this place unique is in the waiters/waitresses not having uniforms to wear - bringing the atmosphere to an even more relaxed level than it already is!

The music played in the afternoon is significantly different from the music played at night - probably to suit the different crowds that come through over the day. More recently, I found out they serve breakfast/brunch as well! Something I would definitely like to try if I can one day. Ultimately, the music’s got an eclectic touch to it, adding onto the unique features of this place!

Food wise - lovely, ambience - almost perfect, music - definitely up there, so a recommended place to go from me!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T

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