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Restaurant review: Etro Bistro on King Street

Written by 24th January, 2009

Etro is a funky cafe situated in chic King Street, a street famous for its high-end fashion boutiques and art galleries. It is a small cafe with a bright interior and dashing orange walls adorned with artworks that are for sale. I thought that was a fantastic idea especially after finding out that it was done in support of local artists to showcase and get some exposure on their works.

Etro has a pretty standard menu with Entrees, Salads, Mains, Lunch and also a Special menu of the day which is written on a board. The food items are quite unique though so I had a hard time choosing a dish to order as there were quite a few good ones and it didn’t help when I looked around and saw all the yummy food on other people’s tables. After much deliberation (& my friend’s offer to share her dish with me), I decided on their special of the day Home made spaghetti meat balls on rich napolitana sauce.

The spaghetti turned out really nice - I could tell just by judging on its appearance. The sauce tasted authentic and you could tell that it’s ‘home made’. I was trying to guess what spices they had put into the sauce but gave up at the end as I was too hungry. The Salad Nicoise tasted different from ones I had before, I like how they use a different combination of vegies to make the salad rather than the more common ones. My friend loved it. The shoe-string fries were yummy as well - the only complain I would have is that they did not have any aioli sauce to go with them otherwise it would have been perfect.

This is the second time I’d been to Etro for lunch and I think the second visit gave me a better impression than the first. The service was friendly and they were quite quick with the food (although they did forget our bowl of chips). It is worth a visit if you are in the area (or wanting to find a resting place after buying the LV bag or Tiffany & Co. bracelet up the street).

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

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