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Restaurant review: Catalano’s Cafe in Victoria Park

Written by 5th December, 2009

Located on the ever busy Albany Highway is Catalano’s Cafe, a buzzing joint which hasrecently wonSTM’s Best BYO Italian Restaurant.This cafe seems to be a crowd pleaser, always fullduring lunch timeon the weekend. I’d been here a couple of times before andalwayshad a good impression of the cafe so we decided to grab a quickbrunch herebefore heading to Swan Valley for a hen’s weekend getaway.

Catalano’s isopen 7 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner so there is never a lack of activityin this place. It is openly spaced with tiny wooden tables and chairs haphazardly arranged both inside and outside the cafe and hasacomfortable and relaxing atmosphere about it.We arrived quite early that day which made getting a table easy for usalthough we had to wait a bit before anyone came toseat us down. -1 for service! The servicedidn’tget any better after that. The waitperson came to get our order after forever (ok, forever might be a slight exaggeration but when you are hungry, every second thatpasses counts!) and she acted as if she couldn’t be bothered with it all – she must be having a bad day! =(

For lunch that day, we had:

  • Chai Latte and Coffee
  • Catalano’s Burger ($9.50) – 100% beef pattie, Swiss cheese, egg, bacon, sliced fresh tomato, crispy lettuce, fried onion and bbq sauce
  • Alla Vodka ($19) – chicken tenders sauteed with baby spinach in a vodka, tomato and cream sauce garnished with pine nut
  • Chicken Mango Salad ($22) – gourmet lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts in a mango yoghurt dressing.

The drinks arrivedand came the second complaint from my friend – they had actually left the tea bags in her Chai Latte and sprinkled chocolate all over it – it was a gooey mess by the time she took the bags out. Not veryimpressive indeed. =(

The food came and made up for some of the dissatisfaction. Ihad the Alla Vodka, aspaghetti dish which tasted quite good with the big chunky chicken pieces although it was a tad dry. The Chicken Mango Saladwasmassive and looked attractive – they were very generous with the chicken pieces and veggies. The best dish was I thought the Catalano’s Burger which came withchips and a side of salad for only $9.50!Whata bargain! The burger was substantial too and had fried egg in it which is quite rare in a burger. Yum! A must try!

Overall, we were quite satisfied with the food but the service was not too great which I hope is only a once off! I would like to go back there again in the future…

Note: rating will be on the lower side due to the poor service.
Rating:3 out of 5stars
Rating by: N.L.

Catalano’s Cafe
: 08 9362 1121
Address: 266 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

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