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Restaurant review: Rex Cafe in Bunbury

Written by 2nd January, 2009

The benefits of having the Aunt around - getting to go out of Perth to try out the South Western delights!

We have tried this place before and we had loved the food and service there - not too expensive, and great friendly service on both my visits! It was lovely.

It is situated along Bunbury’s very own Cappucino Strip (yes, for some reason alot of places seem to have their own Cappucino Strip but isn’t that great?!) - Victoria Avenue. The place is chock fulla cafes, pubs, restaurants and chill out places with random stores situated between them.

The first time we went there was by coincidence. We were all starving after a quick visit to Donnybrook (which has a lovely cider factory btw!!), and walking down the strip, we found this cafe/restaurant really attractive (don’t know why). So we walked in and tried our luck at this place.

When you first walk into the cafe, you will be met with beautiful fabric that’s spread across the entire ceiling of the cafe. It’s beautiful and it brings a really homely feel to the place. The walls are blue to make it all the more cosy when you sit down, and the warm and friendly greeting of the staff will make you feel all at home.

The menu presents itself to be simple and easy to understand (and a way to boast of their pride in excellent service):

I couldn’t really remember the orders of the first visit but here are our orders in this visit:

- Veal Parmagiana with Salad and Chips
- Grilled Fish with Salad and Chips
- Reef on Beef

We only had three different types of food because three out of the five of us ordered the fish (apparently it was the red emperor fish today). Drinks were out from our orders today as well (don’t know why, really, but I did see many people having milkshakes!! Maybe worth a try for my next visit, or your first?)

Mom had the reef on beef which had a buttery gravy to the whole plate making it yummilicious! I did not try the prawns but the beef was really tender for a steak that was cooked medium-well. The sauce went very well with the beef, and altho’ there isn’t much points to give for the presentation of the dish, this was a delicious meal to have!

The veal parmagiana was better the last time I had it (I only remembered what I ordered =P). The veal was a tad soggy this time and they actually gave me a piece of chicken and a piece of veal as opposed to two pieces. I had the waitress tell me it was chicken parmagiana and when I got it checked, I was told it was veal - I guess it explains why I had two different opinions on the same order. It was tasty but they can definitely work on the way it was presented - a tad messy.

The grilled fish looked really fresh and good, and all three people who had it only had praises for it. It was a good size fillet, and due to the fact that I didn’t try this dish, I have to take Dad’s, Aunt’s and Uncle’s word for it being fresh and good!

The chips on all dishes were served without salt on it, so it was a bit bland, kudos for them not being soggy tho’! Yes N.L., no one likes soggy fries (actually sometimes I do like them soaked with sauce!). They could do better with the type of fries they serve - not too tasty (maybe some beer battered fries will do them good!)

Overall, this place is a great place to just hang around, chill out and have a really relaxed meal. The service is as what they have said about themselves - excellent. In fact, I think their service beats the ones in hotels. Food is tasty but they could work on presentation, and on their parmagiana dishes (can’t speak for the rest now since I haven’t tried them).

So head your way down to this lovely joint if you’re down to Bunbury and have a nice time at Rex!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Rating by: S.T.

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