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Restaurant review: Victoria Park Mexican at Panchos

Written by 5th December, 2009

Pancho’s Mexican Villa is a rather hidden-away establishment in the northern side of Victoria Park. By northern, I mean towards Welshpool, Cannington, etc.

Having heard about this place from many people, and reading great reviews about this place, good friends D.P and S.K suggested for us to go there for dinner on this little occasion where I was just a tad tipsy.

Not knowing too many Mexican places around WA, I was really excited about trying the food here.

The place is actually at the end of a little building that seemed to be a tad dilapidated with offices, and unknown businesses. Being at night, it was a quiet walk to the restaurant.

We were swift to start ordering drinks first… but because poor D.P. was on antibiotics that day, she couldn’t drink with us!! :(

S.K and I ordered:

  • Margherita (with salt!)
  • Dos Equis (Amber)

Absolutely loved the Margherita, and since the place itself was ravin’ about its Margheritas, they certainly lived up to their reputation and name! :) Brilliant. The salt on the rim was just nice for me too – being such a salty person by nature. It felt lovely just sipping the margherita bit by bit during the dinner. Surprisingly, I didn’t order any more than that!

S.K’s Dos Equis Amber beer was also rather tasty – something we both never tried before, and with trying to be budding beer entrepeneurs, we felt as tho’ we had found another beer to look out when we head out beer drinking! :)

Being rather hungry souls, we quickly decided on what we were to order:

  • Nachos to start
  • Delores (Seafood Enchilada, Prawn Taco, with Frijoles, and rice)
  • Mascata (Chicken Enchilada, Beef Enchilada, and Beef Taco)
  • Accapulco (from memory!) (Beef Enchilada, Chicken Enchilada, rice and frijoles)

The nachos were something that was a great start to the dinner. We didn’t order the spicy salsa, which might have been a mistake because I was told the spicy version is actually da bomb! Oh wells, there’s always a second time to this place. :) Also, I was told of the cheese sauce that is perfect with these nachos, so to all you people going there sometime soon, perhaps ask for the cheese sauce!

The nachos were great! Served warm, with the nachos still crisp when bitten, this serve of nachos in my opinion beats the one from Mexican Kitchen hands down :)

We quickly devoured this little dish down our throats and into our tummies, then awaited for our mains to be served, which came rather quickly!

We had a little hiccup in the midst of them serving the main course tho’. They mixed up an order of S.K’s, but they were quick to rectify the situation and tell us that it will be changed quite quickly.

And quite quickly it did get changed! KUDOS!!! For efficiency and for their great friendly service.

I didn’t get to try the other two dishes because I was too busy stuffing my mouth, but theMascata(combination of chicken and beef Enchilada and beef taco),sent me drooling for more by the end of it, despite my stuffed tummy!

The presentation’s are as with any other Mexican place because of its nature of goo-ey cheese and great splash of salsa/tomato based sauces, but the taste was definitely something to rave about. I could now see why people actually love this place as much as they do!

One thing I do see as a difference to Mexican Kitchen is in its serving size. It’sa tad smaller, but it might as well be, because you can fit some dessert in there!

And that is exactly what we did. We ordered some dessert. To my delight, there was quite a range of desserts that you can order from the menu, and the best part was really having a recommendation put forth to me by D.P.

So for desserts:

  • Sopapillas (Fried flour tortilla chips laced with caramel and cinnamon served with a big scoop of premium vanilla ice cream)

The dessert came out with a nice little presentation, and I couldn’t wait to dig into it looking at the melting ice cream, and the lovely cinnamon-sugar that’s been dusted with such generosity on each little chip.

First bite – pure pleasure

Secondmunch – I think I can eat this for a while.

Thirdcrunch – MmMmmMmmMMm

Enough said? I’d like to think so :)

The service of this place is quite impeccable despite its busy atmosphere. The waiters and waitresses serve with a smile and good enthusiasm that leaves you going “mmm, I like this place”.

A place I’d definitely be visiting again sometime!

PS. Do make a booking before you go because it does get really full, especially over the weekends!

Rating:4.15 out of 5 stars (I had to rate this higher because Mexican Kitchen was given 4, which really should be lowered after this experience)
Rating by: S.T a.k.a Miss Egg

Pancho’s Mexican Villa
Telephone: (08) 9361 2135
Address: 885 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park 6101, Western Australia

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