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Restaurant review: Perth Food Engineers visit The Como Hotel

Written by 22nd October, 2009

The Como is located along Canning Highway, inside The Como Hotel. It is quite a prominent building, painted bluish purple on the outside, with a bright purple and lime sign in front – hard to miss. The Como has a retro feel to it,but casual andcosy, you canalmost feel the gentle humming of pleasantries in the atmosphere as soon as you enter. It wascold thatafternoon and Iwas not in the best of mood as I forgot my jumper and had a slight headache,so when Iwent in and was greeted with a nice warm heater up the front, I wasa happy chappy. One thing I like about their decor was thecushiony lime colouredsofaseats they had vs the average looking brown ones.We quickly went and grabbed a table with the lime seats (one must be seated comfortably to enjoy one’s lunch =p).

The Como is open for lunch, dinner and casual drinks 7 days a week and isa fully licensed restaurant. It has quite a comprehensive menu, more selections than the average pub. (The restaurant’s opening hours and menu can be found on their website if you want to have a look before heading there, very handy!).

We started off with some coffees which was average, my LongMacchiato didn’t tastequite right and I had to add more milk, turning it into a latte. For lunch, we had:

  • Beef Burger – $17.90
  • Beer Battered Fish & Chips – $21.50
  • Salt & Pepper Squid – $16.50

The Beef Burger was a 180g beef pattie sandwiched between a toasted Turkish bun, filled with Swiss cheese, bacon, beetroot relish, lettuce with a tomato and aioli sauce. It was served witha side of golden fries. The Beef Burger looked simple but was the tastiest out of the three dishes we ordered that day. The pattie was juicy (very important part ofa burger as a dried up one will totally turn you off) and the beetroot relish mixed well with the aioli/tomato sauce to give it a ‘I want another bite’ feeling. A plus for me.

I had the Fish & Chips which was served with golden chips, garden salad and tartaresauce. The fish was a bit of a disappointment as it was overly fried which shrank and dried up the fish fillet. The chips however made up for it asthey were extra crunchy and yummy withthe tartare sauce.

The Salt & Pepper Squid was served with a trio of dipping sauce and was meant to come with a salad but my friend changed it to the golden fries. It was served in a cocktail glass andthe squid pieces werenice bite size and wasn’t chewy. However, my friend thought it was onlyaverage.

The staff that took our order was pleasant and accomodated our requests with a smile. All in all,I thought it’s a good place forlunch with a relaxing atmosphere and especially goodif you are after some pub food and drinks. Althoughthe food that day was not too impressive but I think it was more of our choices rather than the food there. I would go back to try some other items in their menu if I have a chance!

Rating:3.5 out of 5 stars
Rating by: N.L.

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